Tuesday, December 29, 2009

getting knit done

This visit to North Idaho has yielded many finished projects. I gave the jet setters 2 projects that just needed finishing: ends put in and buttons. I am working on secrets for my friend Catie in Korea. I have a sweater that needs finishing, I finished the EPIC shawl that I started this summer. That one got finished late last night and needs a good blocking, but it's beautiful. I also have yarn to make FiFi another pair of socks. I made her some last year, and as she says, the socks have grown out of her. I want to make myself a cowl as I have made 3 to give away, and I have some beautiful gray/blue O-wool for that. I also have a striped vest that I have been working on dying the yarn for. It now just needs to all be overdyed brown to tone it down a little bit. That one will be exciting. I think I might take another trip up to the Hospice thrift shop because they have all the old lady craft things. There was a lot of buttons, and doll eyes, and yarn. I am always on the lookout for mohair yarn, it's just so shiny and beautiful.

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