Monday, November 2, 2009

there is a lot going on for me right now, inside and out. When I feel the pressure, I want to play with kids. I went to Keren and Aaron's today and horsed around with the girls. FiFi was in fine form, crashing from the candy withdraws, she is an addict. Kat was trying on swimsuits and drawing out of control pictures of her birthday party that will be happening in February. They gave me lots of hugs, and kids really help to calm me down. I don't feel bad when I'm with them. We ate dinner, and then Aaron played the piano and Ija and FiFi got out their trumpets and played what they consider to be jingle bells, which is just the rhythm with no regard for the melody. Moe was in the bath when all this was happening, so it wasn't as loud as it could have been, but close. I am really going to miss all of my kids when I leave. There are 4 families with a total of 14 children pluss one on the way that I see on a regular basis. I should take a photo of each for the road.

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