Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My dad will be here today and I am supposed to load my car with moving things and take them to his hotel so we can put them in his truck. He is just staying over night on his way from Mexico to Coeur d' Alene. I feel a little paralyzed. Moving is hard, and if you know me or have been to my place, you will know that unpacking is hard too. I have lived here just over a year and there are still packed boxes. Some of them will go today, and some of them must go away. If I was not planning a big move, I would keep them, there are art supplies, fabrics, that sort of thing, but in light of my plans to go abroad, that stuff must all go. And it's sort of relieving to know that downsizing is coming, because I have been living with a lot of stuff in small places for a while now. And I am also looking forward to the idea of living an unpacked life, as in no boxes, just the stuff I need. I'm making a cup of coffee and the poolish is going, so that will keep me grounded today. I am skipping class today, first time all semester, to get this done, plus I need to get my oil changed and car washed before my dad sees it, he likes the cars clean, even if it's not his own. And I didn't take any pictures of merit all weekend, so I really would be unprepared. That's allowed once in a while, right?

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