Monday, November 23, 2009

sweater time

I bought a sweater's worth of Noro in September. I'm still a little sick about it because I got it from a shop whose business practices I think are terrible. They were having a going out of business sale, and I went with a friend, and the yarn was half off. And then the store never closed, because they have so much yarn, and so they are having a going out of business sale until they don't have anymore stuff. I bought the stuff in September and they don't know when they are really going to close yet because of the glut of stock. This is really bad for the yarn shops in the area, everyone is able to buy yarn at half off, and they have SO MUCH, no one is buying from other stores. This is just the latest in their gross habits. I should never have bought this yarn, and it's not returnable because it was from that sale. But anyway, I started a raglan sweater. I don't know if there is enough for long sleeves, it might be a short sleeved deal, but that is fine with me. It is going to be so pretty! I haven't moved the sleeve stitches to waste yarn yet, I'm still working on the yoke, but I hope to get to the sleeves today.

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