Tuesday, October 27, 2009

standing in line

I went to the craft store today to fetch some things for metals class. I have been experimenting with pressing different textures onto my metal, mostly lace. There is so much pressure that each piece I use is really only good for one, maybe 2 passes, so I needed more pieces and I'm going to try some new textures. In the last year or so the chain craft store Jo-Anne has closed several of it's locations in favor of a new big store by the mall. I have decided that I'm not a fan. I had to take a number at the cutting counter, and there were about 6 people ahead of me. We were all standing around the counter waiting our turn. The problem with the number system is people take a number, wander around the big store, and then when their number is called they come back, but by then the next number is being helped, so it gums up the works. So I feel like I don't mind waiting in line, I think it's faster. And my other problem is that no one knows where anything is, and last time the woman didn't know what a paper doily was. This new store is cleaner and nicer inside, though.

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