Thursday, November 14, 2013

There is good news, but it's bad...

That was how my handler informed me that my performance review went swimmingly.  The review is called Open Class, and you plan a special lesson and it is filmed and sent off to somewhere where some people watch it, see that you are not a failure, and tuck some notes away to consider when they review you for a contract renewal.  If it goes really well, you are punished.  The punishment is that it becomes a competition to be the best teacher in you district of the city.  (The city has 2.5 million people and 10 districts.  That's a lot of elementary school guest English teachers!)  I will prepare another special lesson and instead of it being filmed, delegates from the ministry of education will be sent to observe in person.  I am competing against 10 other teachers for 6 prizes.  I think the key is showcasing your students, their success is a reflection of my efforts.

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