Monday, July 16, 2012

back on the wagon with garam masala

Today begins the second round of the 21 day whole foods challenge. I took a week off, and really only ate 2 crazy things: some brownies and a chicken sandwich from McDonald's. First, let me say that I can't even remember when I last ate McDonald's in the States, I really have no idea. BUT IT'S SO GOOD HERE. And it's even different, like this chicken sandwich, they don't even sell it in America, excuses excuses. I also had some 김밥, or gimbap, which is sort of like a sushi roll, sort of, and filled with white rice. Anyway, since I am moving back to the States, I have been trying to eat up my food in the freezer and pantry, and I found a box of garam masala that I bought once upon a time for something or other. I have never experimented with Indian food much, but there are lots of Indian products at the international grocery downtown, so from time to time I like to give those things a try. I cooked up some chickpeas this morning for my salad, did I mention I am trying to eat a heaping serving of salad every day? I looked at that box of garam masala and decided I needed to make salad dressing with it. I have gotten really into the way herbs and spices taste on this challenge / fast / diet, and so I've been adding them to salads. I often do Bragg's and brewer's yeast, and I love that combo, but today I went for the spices with some olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a little salt, and it was a winner. I can't wait to use it again!

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