Wednesday, November 23, 2011

kim chong

kim chong is the family event of making kimchi for the year. I have honed my skills of being invited to this sort of thing over the last year. I think it's just that Korean people are so used to this that it skips their minds that the foreigners might want to join in. I managed to get invited by one of my co-worker's mothers. It's going to happen this Saturday morning and I was warned that I must be prepared to work. I already have rubber gloves and a case for the finished product. The rubber gloves are to guard my hands from all the hot pepper powder and the case is just tupperware, but all my friends say case. The only down side is that this is going to take place in the morning, and now that I go to bed earlier, I technically do get up in the morning, but not by much! These seemingly mundane activities are the lifeblood of my time here.

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