Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween is over!

All in all Halloween, aka Ewha's fall promotion, went very very well. We wrapped up the festivities with a party for the middle school students during their last class period. We had games and food and music and candy and costumes, and they roamed the halls eating and talking and we all had a really good time. One of the things I love about middle school is they are good at going with the flow and making their own fun.

As for our early meeting, it was mostly a waste of time. Most of the meetings I have ever been to are a waste of time, but they do let co-workers connect and check in, so that's very good. I still find myself being an American at times, with my expectations. I did get to ride back to the office with Andrew and Bono and Stuart, and we had a really nice talk. We spend so much with business as usual that it's nice to do something normal like riding in a car through the city.

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