Friday, October 7, 2011

30 on 30

I've been busy, so I never posted about my birthday last week. I was feeling a little down, but it turned out to be an amazing day full of kids who showed me so much love. They brought me gifts, mostly pencils. They drew me pictures and made me cards. And they all yelled happy birthday when I walked into the room. It was such a happy day. Then I had plans to go out with the ladies after work but that turned into a much bigger event when the president of the school took us out for dinner. Then on Saturday I took a day trip to Seoul and bought yarn and went to an artist's market, and then ate TACO BELL. It was soooo delicious. On Sunday I loafed around. Monday was a holiday so I went out to the national park on the edge of the city and walked for a while before visiting a temple. I'm hoping to go back Sunday because the leaves are changing and it should be beautiful.

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