Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thanksgiving a la Korea a la awesome

I had a fantastic time over the holiday! I met some great people, including another Nataly. I also discovered, or rather finally tried a sweet potato latte. I also ventured into Itaewon, the foreigner capital of Seoul and really of all Korea. I just wanted some scenic Korean postcards, and after asking around I decided to make the trek. The most amazing thing is that I didn't even go to the Taco Bell. But I did find the postcards. Are you interested in the latte? I haven't tried to make it yet, but I bought some sweet potatoes! So this is how it was explained to me, in a little English, a little Korean, some pictures, and a lot of spirit:

*boil the sweet potato and peel after it's cooked

*beat it with a hand mixer (I don't have one, so I'm going to mash it really well and beat it with a whisk)

*you are then going to guesstimate and add an equal part milk and beat it together; it will be sticky

*when you are ready to make your latte heat some milk and put a spoonful of the potato mixture into a cup and add the milk and some sugar or honey to taste and stir. Mine was garnished with sliced almonds. I was also told that it's delicious made with pumpkin.

update: the latte is yes. It's like soup and breakfast and Christmas all rolled into one. Fill the cup 1/3rd full of the potato mixture and then add the milk to that.

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