Monday, September 26, 2011

pig, popsicle, chicken and potatoes

Everything was going fine...but then one of the kids got super naughty. My m.o. for these types of situations is to try my best to avert total naughty overload. I ask them to get it together, or I send them to get a drink of water, or I change gears. I hate it when they are in trouble, and I hate when they waste time by being naughty on purpose. And not sassy, but NAUGHTY. So a girl who has been historically terrible called me a pig. In Korean. But you see, I know the word for pig. And this was the last in a string of insults, the other students were sitting with big eyes and one little boy was outraged and told me what she had said. I had already moved her so she couldn't bother the others, and I guess this made her mad. So I sent her out. And I was pretty hot at this point, something I try very hard not to become. As she was waiting in the hall I went to get the desk teacher because I didn't want to talk to this kid anymore, and so Erica took her away. I don't know much of what happened after that, but some of the others were questioned after class and my boss was worried I had hurt feelings. And then, stupid, I started getting a migraine! So I tried something I read about 6 weeks ago or so: popsicles! The idea is to give yourself a brain freeze and the pain will go away. There was an even a scientific study! Stuart Teacher went out on his brake and got me one and in less than 5 minutes I felt better! After all of that I needed some comfort food, so I made chicken and mashed potatoes. So good. Here's hoping that tomorrow is better!

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