Wednesday, August 24, 2011

we had a little birthday party today and I made a cake. Then the day got going and later I returned to my desk to find this charming little note:

To Natalie

Hi Natalie ~ I'm Erica!

Today, You cake was delicious Tastes like a fantastic. wow (and there was a little drawing of a man making a wow face) Um... May i ask a favor? (the Um was written over some correction tape, and under the correction tape was the word So) I need to know the recipe. I'll appreciate it if you write Please. Just write it down simply.
thank you ^_______^ (and a little heart)

Erica is the desk teacher, in charge of discipline and in charge of getting parents to sign on the dotted line. She never speaks English, but she writes well enough to get her points across. I really like her, and this note is just so cute.

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