Sunday, August 7, 2011

fantastic day out

on Saturday I had plans to go meet a group of women I had never met to go to a yarn shop downtown.Of course, me being me, I was excited, but then in the morning, I didn't want to go, I didn't want to be with people I didn't know. But they were expecting me, and they like yarn, so I sucked it up and got on the bus, which was a whole other adventure in itself. When I finally got to the subway station that we were meeting at, I met Madelein and Debbie and Vanessa. We went to the shop and walked around in the shopping arcade. Then we stumbled upon the new Mexican restaurant that we had all wanted to try. Then Vanessa had to go to a tutoring session, but I went along with Debbie and Madelein to Uniqlo, which is a clothing store from Japan that sells very basic clothing that will fit me. I've been to one in Seoul, but finding that there were 2 of them in Daejeon was rather exciting! I didn't buy anything because I have most of my bases covered for now, but when it cools off I might stop in for some tights and tops. We drifted to a few shops because Madelein needed to get some things for her upcoming trip to China. Then we had a great dinner at a Korean restaurant, a chicken soup with potatoes and rice cake with really interesting conversation. (Debbie is Welsh and Madelein is from South Africa, and that contributed a lot to the interesting factor.) And then, after all of that, we went to the movies! Captain America, which I really enjoyed much to my surprise. I think I will see more of these ladies in the future, hopefully.

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