Sunday, August 14, 2011

1 year

this week marks my first anniversary in South Korea! If I pass my FBI background check, a strange hoop I must jump through because the laws have changed since I arrived, I will be staying another year. So a special anniversary top ten, the best things about South Korea, in no particular order.

1. the fried chicken- It's spicy and great hot or cold. When I get it it comes in a sort of meal deal, with one of those half cans of coke and a radish side dish!

2. banchan- All those side dishes; not necessarily delicious, but always interesting, and makes eating out fun.

3. the stationary- Cheap, and always fun, or funny.

4. shijang- The traditional markets, filled with all manner of things, from dried whole rays and squid to clothes, fabric and crafty things, produce, so many things, and bugs for eating!

5. Korail- the South Korean rail system. It's fast and clean and cheap and I love it.

6. the internet- My city boasts the fastest internet in the world.

7. the fruit- it's delicious and there are so many varieties.

8. the coffee shops- There are so many quirky and cute little cafes serving coffee and desserts.

9. bing soo- Korean shaved ice; cold and sweet.

10. my students- They are always helpful, if not mischievous! They are what keep me going!

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