Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday night

I don't know what it is about Sunday nights, but every Sunday night I feel a burst of enthusiasm and usually make something. I think tonight I'll make a loaf of bread, I haven't had any around for at least a month because I have been eating homemade crackers, but I think I would like a sandwich. It's amazing how much planning a sandwich can take!


Bethany said...

Sunday nights always make me sad--they are too quiet, and school/work was always pending. So I like this version of Sunday night and think I ought to adopt it myself. We were just in Boise and wished you were there! Saw the co-op for the first time. Did you shop there often? Do you miss it?

Natalie said...

I used to feel not good at all on Sunday, because I dreaded Monday. I don't exactly look forward to Monday, but I don't hate it so much now. Hopefully it stays that way. I was just thinking of the co-op this week, and yes I miss it. I still have a membership, though, which is refundable, but I didn't have the heart to cancel. When you visited me there the first time our apartment was just on the other side of the cathedral, south.