Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's weird, but getting myself out of the house on the weekends takes some doing. During the winter I was happy to stay inside, but now if I don't get out into the sunlight I don't feel very well. It also doesn't help that my schedule has me sleeping until noon and there is no daylight savings time, so it gets dark rather early all year long. Yesterday I left in hope of meeting up with some other westerners for a BBQ, but I never did make it, leading me to believe that leaving the house was a crock. Today I wanted to go downtown to pick up some colored pencils, which didn't work out either, but I did have a very nice time at the other art supply store I went to. Then off to the import food store. Mostly they import food from other Asian countries, and I like to mill around looking and I always find something interesting or exciting to try. This week I had been thinking about jasmine rice and looking and looking, but all that I could find up in my part of town was short and sticky. I found it at World Food and was so excited that it was only 1000 won for the small bag. I grabbed two and headed to the register and paid and then outside I though, wow, that was expensive! The rice was 10,000 won a bag, roughly $9.00 each. Yikes! I thought about it for a second, and then I realized how happy I was to have found it and I know that it will all be eaten within the next 15 months. I'm making some now and it smells lovely!

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