Sunday, April 24, 2011

yesterday was very industrious, and I am thinking of ways to keep it going! I went into town on a mission that didn't work out, so I went to Homeplus and bought some chocolate-they have a good selection of better chocolate than what I can find in my neck of the woods. Then I went to Seattle Park; there is a Daejeon Park in Seattle that I hope to visit when I get back. Then some more walking around and then I came home and really got going. I made a loaf of bread and a half gallon of yogurt that I have to go put into its jar in a few minutes. Oh, and some knitting. I had made a vest, did I mention the vest from hell? Well, the bottom never laid very well, so i ripped it back and that's almost finished, then to block it to see if this version is better. I would make more bread but I'm almost out of whole wheat flour and I was having trouble ordering more last night, so maybe I'll go with the rye flour in the freezer.


Brian said...

We have recently acquired a very nice stone mill grinder and have been doing our own whole wheat flour, something we really really wished for in Japan. We were always buying out the one shop where we could find it.

Brian said...

says Bethany