Friday, April 1, 2011

April fools' day

tonight the middle school girls told me all about April fools', and they are so entertaining.
"Teacher, do you know? Tomorrow is April 1. Liars' day!"
me, thinking for a second or two..."Oh! Yes, tomorrow is April fools' day! I was going to ask you if you had this day, I'm glad you reminded me!"
"Yes, I remind you! Now you give me sticker!"

We have a rewards system with stickers, and in middle school I think after a student collects 20 stickers then they can go to the doughnut shop on the first floor and get a treat.

Also, I am close to fluent in broken English these days. I speak it all the time. I should write a post in my broken English. For now: I am quit the blog because I am go to sleep. (everything is in present tense, the be-verbs are often wrong, subject verb agreement is in discord, and articles are misused or forgotten all together. I sort of like it!)

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bethany said...

It's much more efficient to speak that way, I think.