Wednesday, March 2, 2011

looted loot

I scored a wire shelf, like one you might find in a garage, from Catie's house, and I put it together last night, and now all my pots are on it. I have so much sunshine coming into my window, and the shelf is going to make it so that I can grow more stuff. Today I got rosemary, marigolds, and daises as well as another tomato and a strawberry. I have wanted to grow stuff for several years now, and this year I am not going on an extended vacation, so I'm hoping this will be nice. And since it's small, I feel like I can handle it, being my first time and all. So here's my question: I have enough space, so if I get a deep pot, can I grow carrots and radishes?

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Brian said...

I would say "Give it a try"!