Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this is a grumpy post

the internet has been down, I have been bust at work, and poop rolls downhill. Yesterday my boss was all worked up, and I know that was bad news for the staff meeting today. She sometimes turns into a terrible mess. We are already micro managed and passive aggressively dealt with, but when she gets crazy, she gets worse. They threatened to watch us on cctv. They will never fire us, because that would be way too much work. And what they are mad about falls into one of several categories: misunderstandings due to the language barrier, the difference between what westerners (us) and the Korean teachers view as priorities, and if we have ever been directly told to do something. In truth, the pressure comes form the top and we are an easy target because we don't understand so much. And, we are easy targets, and I don't even really care if they want to blame us, but I just don't want to be talked to as if I'm a stupid child. I'm crabby, can you tell? So much of it goes back to the idea that we do everything on purpose, and if we don't so something, it's not because we forgot, or because we didn't understand, but we were doing it on purpose, with a purpose. So, on a positive note, things I would do if I could be doing something else, top 10!!
1. Playing with all my kid friends in America.
2. Getting a massage!
3. Hanging out with my mom.
4. Eating lunch with my grandma.
5. Going to a real live mall.
6. Swimming in Hayden Lake.
7. Eating a lamb sandwich at Gernika.
8. Visiting all my dear women friends.
9. Shopping at WINCO.
10. Soaking in the bathtub.

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