Saturday, February 26, 2011

marathon hospitality

When I first got here I was subjected to some marathon hospitality. It was done with love, but I hated it. My weekends were a time for mental rest, and being away from home all day and well into the night, well, I dreaded it. Last night was Catie and Ben's going away party, and a marathon it was! We went to dinner and there were drinking games. Really, we humor / entertain the big boss at these things and he was mixing soju and beer, so we drank it. Luckily the beer isn't stiff, so it would take a lot to do much damage. (the soju is another story, though) After that we retired to a bar with a private room and we ate super spicy chicken. (as you might imagine, they push spicy, and anything else that might be a shock to the system, on us at these things) We were having a lot of fun and we were too loud, so we were admonished, which most of us felt was an accomplishment. And after that? Norabang! It's Korean karaoke. It's pretty amazing. We were in another private room and we had tv screens and microphones and I have a bruise on my hand from playing the tambourine. It was shockingly fun. Then suddenly it was 4:00AM. 4 in the morning! So we piled into a cab and came home. I can't believe how much fun it was. I called my dad and he couldn't recognize my voice because it was so scratchy from all the singing. I was ABBA's Dancing Queen. I'm also glad that there are no other going away parties in sight!

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