Monday, February 28, 2011

The lovely Catie and Ben are headed stateside, and Catie and I had a very nice time this evening eating our favorite chicken while sitting in the cold cold, also drinking cola. It's one of those meals that is specific to Korea.

Being an expat is hard. I will never fit in completely; I am too fat, too loud, too fair. I like to eat with a fork and I hate metal chopsticks. I like cream in my coffee and I don't like sweet sandwiches. On the other hand, I love the traditional markets, I love the lush green everything, I love the hills and the garden plots and the stationary stores. Catie is one of my dearest friends, and it was so nice to have a good talk about why we love it and why we hate it and why it's hard to leave. I've only been here 6 months, and she and Ben have been here 18 months, so their roots run a little deeper, but I can appreciate the feelings of excitement to go home, but the somberness of leaving. All I know is that I am going to miss them a lot, but I'm happy for them as well. The best part is that we really are friends, so it wasn't so much goodbye, as, "See you rater!"


Brian said...

Ugg!! Metal chopsticks!

Natalie said...

they aren't round, either, they are sort of oblong shaped, and they are really hard for me to use. I can do it when we have dining out. (That's what they call it when the work crew goes for dinner. It's sort of formal sounding to me, and not real English!)