Thursday, February 24, 2011

Even though I am less inclined to eat all things Korean, I am enjoying all of the fruit! I have never been a fruit person, but I am finding that I was eating the wrong things. Fruit out of season made me not like it, so then I gave up trying, and here it's a seasonal situation. The growing season never stops due to Jeju Island off the southern coast. Jeju farms make good use of warmer temperatures than mainland Korea, and they use many many greenhouses to keep the growing season going even longer. I've enjoyed apples, persimmons, pineapple (which I think are from The Philippines) grapes, tangerines, and the most amazing strawberries. Next on my list are kumquats, watermelon, and a smaller melon that is yellow and white with a skin that peels away. Oh, and Asian pears.

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Brian said...

It is all about in season (and local).