Monday, January 10, 2011

in the spirit of planning

I'm going to give meal planning the old college try. I think it will make my life easier, and will open up my free time, so that it's not all spent procuring food. Part of the problem is learning to grocery shop sans car, but I'm getting better. So, I have made a list of dinners. I've sort of ordered them, at the top of the list are things I am more inclined to make.

red curry with pineapple
yellow curry with potatoes
eggs-scrambled or poached, often with potatoes and toast if I have bread
fry bread tacos
brown rice with beans and often some plain yogurt mixed in
red lentil stew with brown rice
kimchi pancakes
chicken breast in some sort of marinade cooked in a foil packet, often with roast veg
burritos-beans, brown rice, cheese
roast chicken with roast veg
stir fry
chicken soup
chicken pot pie
sesame noodles with broccoli and chicken

It has been hard for me to get used to the vegetables, which might sound strange, but they are different, and I want to eat them, and it's getting better. I'm going to continue on in trying to broaden my horizons. It really is getting better all the time.

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