Wednesday, December 1, 2010

play a game

today was the last day of term, and when we finished our work we played games. It's hard for me to play games with the kids sometimes because it can get out of control, fast. Today I may have seen the best and worst game. The kids stand in a circle and play a version of rock, paper, scissor. After watching them do it, I think the Koreans must have invented it. They play to last man standing. I can't ever tell who has won or lost, but today the winner got to flick the looser on the forehead.

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bethany said...

They do this in Japan and it is crazy fast, too. I never could keep up or understand what I should do in a big group. So I always made the same sign, and my opponents probably had me figured out. They use rock, paper, scissors to make all kinds of decisions--even the grown ups use it and there is no disputing the winner!