Friday, December 17, 2010

Lisa: read me!

for all the crochet and knit goodness, check out You have to register to use it, but it's like face book for knitting and crocheting. Also, I think a cowl for a man is a great idea because it's very practical, no long scarf to get caught, but o-so-warm. And you can make it with buttons, which I think is super!


Lisa said...

Thanks, Natalie! I'll check it out. With buttons, even? That's sounding even cooler (and more complicated...). Hopefully I can find a masculine type pattern. Tim says crochet is detrimental to our marriage, cause I tend to just sit in my chair and ignore him and the kids and I just can't stop! :o)
I need to learn some moderation. Do you crochet also?

Natalie said...

he will love it when he gets to wear it! I like to crochet, too, I just like to make stuff with yarn!