Tuesday, December 14, 2010

another stalker

maybe it's sort of along the lines of the personal space issues I've been dealing with. Or maybe it's that Koreans really do care about weather someone is lonely or not. ( this is a real concern several people I know have had for me, making sure I'm not lonely. I'm not, and they try to do many kind yet annoying things to ensure I don't get lonely. Like arrange for me to move. ) I got on the bus this morning, still not feeling 100%. A woman I didn't recognize recognized me, which isn't that uncommon really. I know this is not PC to say, but if I don't have a relationship with you, I'm going to have a hard time recognizing you because Korean people share many facial features, and while they don't all look alike, many look similar. So I smile and wave and try to find a seat, and as luck would have it there were 2 seats together, and she forced her way into that other seat and wanted to chat for my whole bus ride. I was grouchy and had a fever, and the last time I met this woman was at the public bath, so no, I didn't remember her until she brought the bath up. She asked for my number, and I don't have a Korean number. She asked for my work number, and I have no idea what that is! Then she asked the name of the company I work for, and I told her, not thinking much of it. About 45 minuets after I got to work she showed up! Somehow she got the number to my work. She was hugging me in the lobby as I was trying to get a glass of water. When she left the ladies in the office told me to watch out for her and to try and stay away form her. I don't even know her! The only reason she recognizes me is because she saw me at the bath. I just hope I don't run into her again.

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