Saturday, November 6, 2010

mixed signals

Next week will be the final exams at Ewha. I still can't figure out what the role of the native English teacher is supposed to be, but I've learned that it doesn't really matter anyway. We prepared the 'test sheets', but our boss can't say the word sheet, so it comes out shit. Every time. It's awesomely amusing. Then all the test shits were terribly wrong, and we all stayed late to fix them, mostly Ben and Catie stayed to help me. It was a mess, there was anger. We are a huge disappointment? Ewha has lost a lot of students this term, and the blame has fallen on the tests, they are too hard. Really, it's daycare, and if it's too hard, people pull their children and send them somewhere else. It's a delicate balance involving money, English, and baby sitting. And test shits.

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