Saturday, October 23, 2010

too long

I neglected to bring a few things in my rush to Korea so today I decided to tackle some clothing related issues I have been having. I found some shirts and a sweatshirt today. I also took some pants to the tailor to be taken up and that was an experience! I looked up 'too long' and wrote it down to take with me. I couldn't exactly remember where the shop was, and when I found it there were so many people inside, and there was another shop just next to it, so I went there. The lady inside was so funny. I handed her my pants and then got the note out of my bag and she grabbed it and then started pulling on the pants I was wearing, and I don't know what she was trying to tell me, but in a moment I was behind a rack of clothes in the corner of the shop and she was expecting me to take my pants off. It was really funny. So I put on the first pair of slacks and she pinned them and then I put on the next pair and she pinned those. I told her that I worked at a hogwan-which is the type of school I work at. I told her it was in the next neighborhood over, and she looked confused, I think she thought I lived in the next neighborhood, so why didn't I get my pants hemmed over there? So then I told her I lived in this neighborhood. Then she pantomimed walking a long way, because when people find out I work outside the neighborhood, they assume I walk miles and miles to work. After that I went to get my shoes fixed. They broke last week and I have been avoiding getting them fixed, just like the pants, because sometimes I don't have that much energy to pantomime. The shoe fix it places are little buildings propped up on the sidewalk. It's like a large prefab container. There were a couple of guys sitting and hanging out, and then the fix-it man. I walked up to the sliding door and showed him my shoe. He moved over so I would have a place to sit, and it was me with these 3 older men sitting in the shoe hut. I got out my knitting and they all touched it and my needles and asked me questions about it, all in Korean. I mostly smiled and nodded my head. He only fixed one of my shoes. The other one isn't broken yet, but it will break sometime soon. Sometimes I can't tell if it's a language thing, or if he thought it would be okay, or if he was just done with me. I'll go back there again when the other one breaks, though, because those guys were really funny!

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bethany said...

I am feeling your excitement and your tiredment!