Sunday, October 24, 2010


today is the first day when I feel like if I have to eat one more Asain thing, I'll...something will happen! Having said that I decided to try making brownies in the steamer basket. I found 2 small stainless steel rectangle tupperware things at the grocery store, and I halfed the recipe, and now they are streaming, I'll check it in 15, but I think it might take a little longer because the rectangles are deep. Steamed chocolate cake is an Indonesian thing I found out today while reading up, and if all goes well it will be a me thing!

I also found an English muffin recipe that I'm going to give a try sometime in the next week.


bethany said...

Have you craved McDonald's yet?

Natalie said...

what I have craved is a milkshake, and our neighborhood fast food joint no longer offers them on account of the change of the season. So I went into town tonight and might have stopped into McDonald's except I didn't want to miss the last bus home. And the ice cream here, well I bought it once when it was still hot out, and it wasn't the same.