Sunday, June 27, 2010

Korea calling

On Monday night Bruce from Korea is going to call me and conduct a phone interview. I am a little apprehensive. The things I need to remember: I love kids, so much. I want to explore Korea, so much. I love kids, so much. I want to stay for a year, so much. I love homework, so much. I love kids, so much. I am not going to run back to America the first chance I get. I am flexible and not a tyrant. Did I mention I love kids?

I have been coached, can you tell? I am so thankful I have been coached, because I just want to get this going, and I want to inspire confidence about myself in my possible future employer. What I need to remember is that I love kids, I am flexible, homework is a great tool, Korea is to be explored and enjoyed, all of this said with exuberance. Korea is great!

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bethany said...

Go Korea! You have always wanted to go there!