Thursday, July 1, 2010

have purse, will travel

One of my MAKE-er friends needed some felt. I was in his shop admiring a stack of handmade leather purses and he mentioned that he needed felt and that he would trade me for the bag. I made three pot holder-ish pieces that he will use to wax and polish wood and tonight I went over and picked the purse up. It is so amazing. So. Amazing. It's dark blue, triangular in shape, and has a closure made out of scrap wood that comes from the skateboards he also makes. I am tickled to own it. I love beautiful craftsmanship, and handmade stuff from friends is especially special.


Catie said...

These are SO pretty. Are you bringing it? Can I touch it when you arrive? Can I hold it?

Oh, I like them so much.

Natalie said...

but of course!

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