Tuesday, April 6, 2010

rice cooker, how I love you...

I bought a rice cooker. Now, you all may remember when I tithed my rice cooker to the god of not going to Japan. (not as planned, I guess) Today, after I started another new job and my people I live with started a rice-free fast (amongst other things) I bought another rice cooker. It's the same as the last one, though the last one was in slightly better shape and a little newer. This one is the same, same size, same brand. The fam has a huge feeds 7 people one, and I couldn't cook just 1 cup rice in it, so that's how this all came to be. I am working again at Puffy Mondaes, just for 2 days a week, but I am stranded there, where as at my other job leaving for lunch isn't a problem. All that to say the rice cooker might find it's home there. Now it's making rice for my lunch tomorrow.

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