Friday, April 9, 2010

has this ever happened to you?

Today I was searching for an artist friend on the internet, I wanted to see if I could find out what materials she has been using in some of her drawings. That's not what I found, though. I found a bit from the newspaper stating that she got a marriage license with another friend of mine last fall. How did I NEVER know anything about this? (these aren't my best friends, but grapevine friends) And if you get the license, does that mean you're married? Because don't you file it after the ceremony? So was it filed? You marrieds should know. And I want the Dearest Darling to guess who it be continued!

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bethany said...

We filed for the license at the Cd'A courthouse, and we both had to be present and sign for it. After that we could get married whenever we wanted to since we had the paperwork ready. The minister filled it out and signed it after the ceremony (we didn't have to sign it again) and he sent it all in. Then we got the official marriage certificate with Idaho stamps and doo-dads later in Portland. So maybe your friends aren't married yet....?