Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the year of the sketchbook

because of school I have been keeping some form of a sketchbook for several years now. I have had a journal, and an idea book, and small E and I have our little black notebooks, and now it is time for a knitting notebook. I am not kidding, all I can still think about is knitting and yarn and fibre. I want to make all the stuff, with out patterns, and I want to draw pictures and have yarn samples at hand. So I need a dedicated notebook. And that's another thing, having a dedicated book really helps because then I know which set of notes is in which book. I had one big book at school, and it was a mess, too many things in one place. It's better to have about 3 small books. Maybe this one will be a binder, actually, that would be great because it can grow and grow with my ideas.

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