Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so, if you don't want to know about my UTI, then reading on would be a problem. I woke up this morning, as I often do, to go to the lav. House of Kafka is cold at night, so I scurried back under the covers, and woke again about an hour later because I thought I had to go to the lav again, but nothing happened. Then my left side started to feel funny, and I realized that I was having a bladder infection. I started a round of antibiotics and before breakfast I went to the market and bought 2 bottles of 100% no sugar added cranberry juice, which is sort of hard to drink, so I've been mixing it half with water. I took some aleve, that's what the resident RN said to do, for the pain. The absolute worst part is I have an almost constant urge to empty my bladder, but there isn't a lot there. I have been drinking all the fluids, and so that is helping, and I have been going to the rest room about every 15 minuets, though I feel like I could go for 15 minuets. I'm thankful that I live in a time where an infection like this can be treated easily and effectively.

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bethany said...

This sounds worse than me having a baby springboard against my bladder when I just emptied it, giving a constant feeling of urgency without anything to show for it.