Friday, January 8, 2010

I drove back to the treasure valley yesterday, and it was an all day thing, but I had a good time. I woke up at around 4:30 because I could hear that my mom was up. At 6:15 we all left in my car and I drove my folks to the Airport in Spokane, with 2 stops, it took about an hour. I then continued on my way, taking the long way home. I usually only go this way if the other way, south through Idaho, is a snowy mess, as the interstate is safer. I stopped at one of the fruit stands in Washington, but it is simply too late in the season, so all I was able to get were apples, onions, and potatoes. Then I debated about going to the Pendelton Woolen mill, and decided it would be good to see what they had for sale in the outlet, sometimes there is yarn. They didn't have yarn this time, but there were weaving ends, which is the part trimmed from the edge of the blankets. They are about an inch wide and sold by the pound, and a friend in Boise wanted some, so I bought 7 pounds. Then I went on the tour of the mill, which is really fun to get to see the huge automated looms. Back on the road I decided to try and beat the time change and hit up a yarn and fiber shop in Ontario, Or. I got there with 30 minuets to spare and bought 6 ounces of awesomeness, which I intend to start another shawl with. And then I stopped in at Puffy Mondaes, and came to my new home for dinner and fun.

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