Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pies and peaches

I'm going to blame this on Catie. At least it was her fault in the beginning. About 4-ish years ago. I went on a pie baking bender. I don't even really like pie. ( I dated a guy when I was 21 who suggested pie after a movie. I told him I hated pie. That is how I knew how I really felt, because there was no filter, just a hatred of pie.) I was really in pursuit of good crust, but how many meat pies can a single girl consume? So I simply made all sorts. And that lasted for several weeks, and I haven't made a pie, or a crust, since. But then today I talked to my mother on the telephone, and she gave me a new recipe, and it worked great. Sadly I left it at Keren's house, so I can't give it to you now, but it goes against everything I thought I knew, which mostly consisted of a segment Chef Doudy did on NPR. You take shortening and melt it in hot water. Then you stir in the flour, form it into a disk, chill, and then roll out. I didn't make a pie, but a rustic tart. Peaches and Mangos. It was good, Keren and Aaron and the kids and I ate it with whipped cream and Keren's tea from her garden. Catie makes the best pies, and so that is how this also is her fault.


Julie said...

Nat, I am making! Jeff and I made 8 pine cone elves, I knitted him a hat and I made a jumper for Mayah. I'm about to make one for Jordy and two long-sleeved knit tee shirts to go under the jumpers. I'm also going to make a pair of French Press slippers and finish an Amy Butler bag for Lissie. Are you happy now?!
I hope you get to Japan okay and have loads of fun! I'm jealous of all the Japanese craft books you'll have access to, though.

bethany said...

Pies have fallen out of favor with me for a time, but I would be highly interested in a rustic tart recipe.