Thursday, December 10, 2009

no hot water

day 2, and so I went to a friend's house this morning to shower. It's so cold that the heat is on full blast and it's still cold in the house. I sent an email to my landlord. My house is just such a mess with finals and moving that I'm embarrassed, and with no water to do the dishes, well, I am going to get water from the bathroom sink and heat it in the kettle and wash the dishes that way. When I first moved into this apartment, I was well aware of the limitations and the creativity that I would need to call upon to make it fun and functional. I didn't sign up for no water, though. But I am getting by, and it is going to warm up to the high 30's by the weekend. It is now 14 degrees, so it has warmed up since this morning, thankfully.

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