Sunday, December 27, 2009


today I had a lovely day with my mother thrifting and such. We bought buttons for a sweater I am finishing, and we got me a new pair of pants. I am now fat, and I wanted a pair of pants but didn't want to shell out much sparse cash, so this was a good option for something that hopefully won't be in my closed for too long. I also got a dress, made by Coldwater Creek, I have another dress form them that I bought a few years ago and I really like it. They are both simple and stretchy. I worked on crocheting a little bunny out of some leftover blue yarn, I plan to make several of these bunnies, they are pretty cute. The whole fam watched 2 episodes of Iron Chef tonight and I am planning on watching some Julia Child from the PBS web site. There is a lot of programing on Tomorrow I am going to continue knitting, and maybe I will be able to talk my mom into going to the library. I am looking for book recommendations for 2010. American classics are where my interest lies at the moment, any suggestions would be welcome!

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