Monday, October 19, 2009

new paths

now that graduation is eminent, I am making plans for my new chapter. I have decided to move out of my apt, mostly for financial reasons, and I am going to have housemates for the first time in forever, like 5 years. I'm a little scared, but I am looking forward to paying less for rent. I have 2 options, one is a sure thing, the other is still pending. The pending situation is the one I would prefer because it's mellow, but the sure thing will be incredibly fun. I am going to begin going through things here, there is just so much that won't be necessary as I plan an adventure overseas. I don't want to fill a storage space with things I don't care about. There will definitely be a lot of art supplies to go, kitchen things, linens, furniture. My folks are going to take my bed, which is super because it will be the guest bed and it will be safe while I am gone and I will be able to get it back. There is so much excitement for me!

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bethany said...

And the best part is that you will forget what you have waiting for you at home, so when you come back and find it all again, it is like your Birthday and Christmas. You are surprised, and usually, it is just what you would have picked for yourself!