Friday, February 6, 2009

it finally happened

there was a bus accident. I was on the bus and the bus hit a car. It was the car of a high school girl. She pulled out in front of us. The bus driver stopped the bus and we sat there. Then the girl got out of her car, and she was crying, no, it was a low pitched wail/sob. Her hands were raised up just past her waist, palms facing up. She got onto the bus, and the bus driver asked her if she was okay, and then told her to please wait in her car. It was funny because she drove a Boise High kid kind of car, those kids have the money. It was a VW and it was pretty new and it was made of plastic. The front of the car was crunched and ripped off. I waited, because I thought that maybe there would be another bus coming to take me the rest of the way downtown. No. The bus driver asked me if he could have my name and phone number, and then he told me I could go. So I walked the rest of the way downtown, and then caought my other bus.

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Brian Martin said...

Wow - I feel like I have seen so many "close calls" and you finally saw it happen.